How to Start a Terrace Garden in India ?

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It is simple to turn the rooftop into a terrace garden. Despite how large or tiny your rooftop is, with the proper preparation and minimal effort, you can turn it into a beautiful garden. There are numerous ways to update your terrace; everything depends on the amount of time and effort.

Here is the step-by-step guide for starting a terrace garden:

Prepare a Layout

Make an initial layout of the terrace garden before you start using the gardening skills. Make a plan for how you’ll go about planting your greens. Whether you’re cultivating them in pots, garden beds, or the vertical space on the terrace, they’ll look great. To obtain your regular dose of nature, you can also build a sitting area in the middle of the garden.

Gardening Tools

When you begin to work on the terrace gardens, several gardening equipment’s will come in handy. These five tools can assist you in getting off to a good start:

  • Gardening Rake
  • Trowel 
  • Shovel 
  • Pruning Scissor
  • Watering Can
terrace garden
Layout of Terrace Garden

Prepare Soils

Plants grow best in good soil. Cultivating healthy plants requires well-nourished soil. Combine soils with composts to make the potting mix. The terrace garden’s best soil is neither too crushed nor too soft. The soil must have a suitable texture, with granular soil that retains moisture being beneficial to the plants. Apply organic compost to your soil regularly. The rains might wash away the critical nutrients from your rooftop garden soil. As a result, fertilizing them is required for a healthy harvest. Fertilizers should be avoided because they would not only penetrate the system but will also kill the beneficial bacteria and microorganisms in the soil.


It is necessary, to begin with, waterproofing if you want to install soil sections and garden beds on the terrace. It will assist you in avoiding any major damage. Waterproofing is simple to undertake, and the best part is that it is a one-time task. Waterproofing is indeed an important part of the terrace gardening construction process. It is similar to laying the foundation for a structure before starting to build. People who live in and near the building may find it challenging to deal with leaks and roof damage.

Wind Barrier

Placing wind barriers can protect the plants if you live in an area where they are exposed to powerful winds. Wind barriers may help the plants by reducing wind load and providing shelter. Begin by determining the wind’s direction and constructing the wind barriers properly. Windbreaks can be created by trellises, fences, or hedges. Make sure the wind barrier you put up decreases airflow while still allowing adequate air circulation for the houseplants.

The terrace garden keeps us healthy and fresh
Seating Arrangement in Terrace Garden


Examine the hours of daylight that the terrace receives, as well as the locations that absorb the most. Choose the plants and position them in areas with plenty of sunlight. You might choose plants that really can survive in less light if the balcony is shaded. Note how many hours of indirect sunlight the terrace receives and choose plants accordingly.

Benefits of Terrace Gardening

The terrace garden keeps us healthy and fresh. When we sit in our terrace garden after a hectic day, we feel relaxed. It feels like we are sitting in our comfort zone.

Here are some benefits of a terrace garden:

1. Nutritious Greens:

What might be better than a daily supply of vegetables and fruits from your terrace garden? Organic fruits and veggies are more nutritional than products purchased from the market and are beneficial for health. Fertilizers are commonly used to cultivate the food that we buy at marketplaces and grocery shops. This chemical then penetrates the food supply, potentially posing a health risk. Cultivating your foods will help you to ensure that the foods you consume daily are of high quality.

Maintaining a terrace garden allows you to be in touch with nature
Aesthetic Pleasure

2. Aesthetic pleasure:

Maintaining a terrace garden allows you to be in touch with nature at any time. It keeps you away from the world’s tension and chaos. Your unique terrace garden means you’ll always have access to your best relaxing place.

3. Stay Fit:

Gardening is a healthy exercise; the amount of effort that is put into keeping the garden in good shape will allow you to stay fit and healthy. Trying to take care of the plants, hydrating them, and other tasks will keep you healthy and active and free from the routine of the boring regular workout.

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