The Role of Women in Indian Agriculture

Women play an essential part in Indian Agriculture. Therefore, future research must take this fact into consideration so it can meet their needs while empowering them.


Farm Management

Women play an essential role in farm management. Women tend to take on more labor-intensive tasks such as harvesting and weeding; additionally, they provide unpaid household work or childcare services which increases their exposure to climate change.

Unpaid Labor

Women farmers participate in all aspects of agriculture including production, horticulture, postharvest operations as well as agro/social forestry/fisheries activities.


Women agripreneurs are taking on greater roles to make farming profitable businesses. They engage in food processing, cultivation for household and commercial uses, animal feed production and milk collection for poultry as well as various technology interventions to make agriculture sustainable across their nation.

Technology Adoption

Agriculture is the mainstay of livelihood for most rural populations. While agricultural technologies offer potential to enhance productivity and enhance livelihoods, there remain significant obstacles that prevent their widespread adoption, particularly among women farmers.