Sahiwal Cow – An Introduction

"Discover the Sahiwal cow – a breed with a unique blend of resilience, adaptability, and exceptional milk production.

An Introduction

The Sahiwal cow is a Zebu breed and has its origin in the Punjab region which is closer to the Pakistan-India border.


These cows were once reared by large groups of herdsmen known as ‘Junglies’.

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This breed was previously found in Montgomery district of Pakistan. This breed is medium sized, reddish-brown coloured, shorter legs, loose skin, wide head, small and bulky horns, heavy fringe just under the neck, and a big udder.


where It Is Found?


Sahiwal cow breed is the highest milk giving breed in India.It is recorded that they give around 1800 liters of milk in one lactation phase. The milk is healthy and nutritious because it contains only 5% fat.

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In a nutshell, Sahiwal cow is a lethargic and docile animal known for its remarkable milk producing trait. Its milk is extremely nutritious and beneficial for human health. The males of this breed are used for slow working and farmers prioritize them for their friendly nature and ability to withstand high temperature, drought, and grazing conditions.

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