Jackfruit Farming in India

Everything about jackfruit makes for a powerful combination!


Suitable Climate and Soil:

Jackfruit thrives best in tropical climates with well-draining soil. Cultivation of this fruit tree requires minimal attention and maintenance costs; it tolerates drought for short periods while being resistant to diseases and pests.

Cultivation Techniques:

Jackfruit trees can be grown from either seeds or cuttings. They prefer deep, well-draining soils and can be planted either alone in rows with other compatible crops or mixed orchards with different fruits and vegetables.

Varieties and Yield:

There are various varieties of jackfruit available on the market. These include Velipala, Singapore Hybrid jackfruit and Thanjavur Jack. Each variety boasts its own distinct qualities – some can be more sweet while others possess stronger smells or have stronger tastes.

Nutritional Value:

Jackfruit is an extremely nutritious fruit that offers many essential vitamins and minerals to promote overall wellbeing and fight disease. Additionally, its abundant supply of antioxidants offers protection from diseases as well as enhanced wellbeing.