Fungal diseases affecting tomatoes

Uncover the signs, symptoms, and preventive measures to shield your tomatoes from these agricultural foes


Septoria Leaf Spot

Symptoms of septoria leaf spots, as the name indicates, are small circular spots on leaves that are grayish-white in the center and have dark corners.


This disease also develops small circular patches on tomato fruits. Afterward, fungal rings form around the primary spot. Tomato pulp, especially the overripe ones, can completely rot.

Fusarium and Verticillium Wilt

These fungal diseases attack the roots of the plants through the soil and then block the water-carrying vessels of the plants. In this way, they hinder the water supply to the plant, and without enough water, it starts to wilt.

Early Blight (Alternaria)

Another fungus called Alternaria causes early blight in tomatoes. The spots on the lower plant leaves are like targets, with a black core and bold, dark edges. It attacks the stem area of tomatoes.