Contour Farming in India

Contour farming is an efficient soil conservation technique popularly employed in hilly regions, consisting of building bunds or ridges made up of soil and stones to control erosion and promote better crop yield.


Terracing Techniques

Contour farming can reduce soil erosion and stop the loss of essential nutrients by encouraging crop growth on hilly terrain. Furthermore, keeping soil moisturised enhances crop yields.

Soil Conservation

Contour farming is an eco-friendly strategy to avoid soil erosion and increase crop yields, while simultaneously reducing fertilizer loss, power usage and wear on equipment wear-and-tear costs.

Crop Management

Contour farming can be an efficient means to utilize sloped land for cultivation while protecting its soil. When properly executed, contour farming offers many advantages including increased crop yields, retained topsoil quality and decreased erosion.

Water Conservation

The contour farming technique involves terracing and bunding land to preserve it while improving crop yields. This technique reduces runoff, sediment yield, water retention rates and recharged groundwater supplies while increasing nutrient conservation by decreasing fertilizer requirements.