Jackfruit Farming in India 

Jackfruit farming in India faces hurdles 


Jackfruit has become increasingly popular as an alternative source of protein in plant-based diets. Due to its versatility and nutritional benefits, it could quickly become a staple food choice for vegetarian and vegan households worldwide.

Though jackfruit’s market may be limited, there are still ways of profiting from this fruit. One is selling ripe jackfruit to middlemen who sell it directly to big cities – this reduces food waste while becoming an effective business opportunity.

Another option is to use the seeds from jackfruit fruit to produce various products, which can then be sold or used in cooking. A popular product is deep-fried jackfruit chips made with unripe fruits – however this process is both costly and labor intensive.

Important to remember when harvesting jackfruits is that they must first fully mature, meaning their yield may be less than other crops such as wheat or rice. Also, growing one from seed requires five years, making this not an immediate way of making money.