Artificial Intelligence in Indian Agriculture

Artificial intelligence is a group of technologies that are managed by software. Here are some benefits of Artificial Intelligence


Soil Analysis

Proximity Sensing is two technologies that represent intelligent data synthesis. Soil testing is one application of this high-resolution data.

Detecting Crop Diseases

Computer Vision Technology is used to capture images of varied crops under (white/UV-A) light. Growers can then sort the produce into stacking before delivering it to the marketplace.

Crop Health

When it comes to crop sowing, Artificial Intelligence is mostly used to power analytics that determine how and when to plant. It aids in the production of projections regarding the best period for planting, spraying soil nutrients, bales, harvesting, digging, etc

Weed and Pest Control

Weed infections lower the overall crop output by up to 80 percent. Pests were also known for causing up to 20 percent of total losses. As a reason, pesticides kill more frequently, causing far more damage to the soil and water.