All About Feeding of Sahiwal cow

"Delve into the essence of Sahiwal cow care with 'All About Feeding of Sahiwal Cow.' Uncover expert insights and practical tips on crafting the perfect diet to enhance the health, productivity, and overall well-being of your Sahiwal cattle.


Sahiwal cow feeds on grains like Corn, Barley, Jowar, Bajra, Gram, Wheat, Oat, Bran, Rice polish, Corn husk, Beer dry grains, Peanut skin, Cottonseed skin, Sesame skin, Linseed skin, Crushed guar, Tapioca, Triticale etc.


Alfalfa (first, second, third and fourth crop), garlic (average), rye grass (long and short), guara, senji, millet (small), maize (small), millet, napier millet, sudan grass, etc.

Alfalfa grass, garlic grass, straw, oat grass, sugarcane fire, corn pickle, oat pickle etc.

Dry fodder (hay)



Other Feeding:

Corn / Wheat / Rice Drops, Rice Polish, Bran, Soybean / Peanut Skin, Scales / Mustard Skin without Cotton Seed Peel, Oil Free Polished Rice, Metals and Salt Mixture etc.

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