How to Propagate a Pothos (Moneyplant) Plant

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Moneyplant is not just one of the best famous houseplants, but it is one of the simplest to grow and manage. Pothos are among the most easy-to-care-for indoor plants, adapting to a wide variety of growing situations. They require less light and aren’t as picky about humidity as other houseplants. They’re also ideal for living room decoration, hanging from shelving or edging up a ladder to create a vertical living wall decoration. You may develop a completely new pothos plant in only a few weeks. Here are a few tips on How to Propagate a Moneyplant (Pothos) at home.

How to Propagate Pothos Plant
Taking care of Pothos Plant at home

Moneyplant Trimming

Select the length of the vines and cut them underneath the lower leaf node you wish to keep. To prepare for cuts, untangle the branches and spread them out separately.

Stems Cutting

The Moneyplant stems must now be divided into separate cuttings. Several people like to root a complete stem, but I find that this takes a while and often results in a plant that is difficult to return to dirt after being in the water for so long. Alternatively, we made individual leaf cuttings by cutting along the stems. Leave a short length of vines attached to the bottom of each leaf stem by cutting to the left and right of it.

how to easily propagate pothos plant
Indoor Moneyplants

Place Stem in Water

Use tiny water glasses for this, but experiment to discover what works best for the Moneyplant cuttings. Fill the pot halfway with fresh water and immerse the cuttings so that the cut ends are covered. Put the cuttings in a sunny, warm area to allow them to root. Over a couple of days, check on the cuttings and change old water with fresh.

Pothos Cutting ready to Plant

Remember that the longer the roots are submerged in water, the more difficult it will be for them to transition to the soil. Planting part of the cuttings while waiting for the remainder is preferable. Remove the cuttings with stems from the water and separate them. Cuttings without roots can be kept in water until they develop roots, which can take a long time.

Plant the Moneyplant Cutting

Fill a container (2/3) full with fresh garden soil and begin arranging the cuttings all-around pot’s sides, adding soil as needed to hold the cuttings in position. Then add extra soil as needed and fill in the center of the pot with cuttings. Gradually and carefully fill the pot with water until it runs out the bottom. Set the pot anywhere you wish it to live once it stops leaking and care for it like a regular pothos.

Benefits of Growing Moneyplant

Pothos is a popular indoor plant because of its low maintenance requirements and adaptability to low light. Here are some benefits of the Moneyplant plant and How to Propagate a Moneyplant (Pothos) at home:

moneyplant (pothos) propagation at home
Propagation of moneyplant

Easily Propagate:

When compared to other indoor plants, propagating Moneyplant is among the simplest task. All you have to do is cut off the lower leaves with a cutting. Place it in freshwater once a week and replace the water.

Low Maintenance:

It is a low-maintenance indoor plant that thrives in a variety of environments, including direct sunlight and shade, humid and dried soil, and poor substrate. However, for the greatest results, place it in bright artificial lighting and only need water whenever the soil seems dry to the touch. It will become less varied under low light levels.

Grow Without Daylight:

Pothos could develop in the absence of direct sunshine. It is a durable indoor plant that can grow in low sunlight and drought-like conditions in cool temps. Pothos plants will have less variegation and develop at a slower rate, but they will not die.

Increase Humidity:

Humid air can help you avoid getting a cold or the flu since viruses can’t spread easily in humid air, and it also keeps your body nourished. Dry air, increase allergy symptoms as well as dust and other airborne pollutants. After knowing about all of the benefits of humid air, it is helpful to know that the pothos plant enhances humidity in the area surrounding it.

Versatile Plant:

Pothos is a flexible plant for aesthetic reasons because it can be trained to grow in any direction. It can be displayed on a shelf, work desk, tabletop, or kitchen counter, or it can be hung from a window with the stems flowing below. You could also shape it in any design you choose, such as a loop.


Pothos is a trailing plant with the ability to grow on practically any surface. This indoor plant is unique in that it may be used as a hanging or climbing plant, depending on your choices. It also doesn’t turn dull in the absence of daylight, unlike many other indoor plants. For more details visit us.

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